Bear Paw Landing is located 140 miles north of International Falls, MN. We are accessible by motor vehicle and we sit right on Lake Wabigoon for easy access to great fishing while you are in camp. Our area is famous for a consistently good supply of Walleye, Northern Pike, Small Mouth Bass, and Muskie.

Our outstanding success ratio didn't just happen. Bow hunters are better then the average hunter when it comes to hunting know-how, patience, knowledge of game, and willingness to work for success. 
During the season, we are baiting 100 to 140 blinds. We are constantly scouting new areas and building new blinds where we find recent activity. It's true everyone won't get a bear, but we promise you it won't be from lack of effort on our part. We've spent many years scouting literally hundreds of miles of prime wilderness area. Our baits are widely scattered through some of the finest bear country in Northwestern Ontario. We will do all we can to put that bear out in front of your bow at about 10 yards.... then it's up to you!

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Bear Hunting

You will need to use your own vehicle. Some areas require a four-wheel drive, and some areas are only accessible by ATV, so you may bring one if available.

Bear Paw is an archery only hunting camp, so all baits are set up for the bow hunters.

Six Day Hunts- Saturday- Friday.

On your first day we have a seminar to acquaint our guests with the necessary information followed by a question and answer period. We show you to your blind and move you when necessary to keep you on an active bait.

Please contact us if you have any questions or to help you choose which package will best accommodate your party.

We look forward to meeting you.

(A deposit of $250.00 U.S. Funds is required at the time of your reservation. A full refund of your remaining cost of your hunt will be issued if notice of your cancellation is received at least 60 days prior to the start of your stay. No refunds on the inability to cross the border on your part.)

David Zinn
Eau Claire WI

715-790-0688  Cell David Zinn
Summer (807) 938-6452

Bear Paw Landing Ontario, Canada